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  • COMPACT DESIGN: Built-in Type-c cable, connected to laptop or mobile phone, the design is novel and practical. Plug and play, simple and fast.
  • WIRELESS CHARGING: Wireless charging function, support Android/Apple mobile phone wireless charging, making charging more convenient and quick.
  • 4K HD DISPLAY: 3840*2160 resolution, the picture quality is more delicate, the big screen connection is clearer, and the cinema visual effect is conceived.
  • WIRELESS MULTIFUNCTION EXTENSION BASE: 4K HD/Wireless Charging/Video Conversion/Data Transmission/ NIC function / card reading / PD power supply.
  • MULTIPLE INTERFACES ARE USED AT THE SAME TIME: support all interfaces to use at the same time, office, game, video, no need to wait. If the hub is connected to multiple high-power devices, an external power supply is required.